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Pumpkins by Mephea -10/30/2005

Happy Halloween folks, I hope everyone has a safe day today and that you enjoy your kids candy like all good parents. Please adhere to the typical rules of safety and whatnot when you take your kids trick or treating, blah blah blah. Just as an update because it has been a while since anything new has been announced, we are working on Super Mario World, The Lost Vikings, Earthbound, Counterstrike: Source and Bubble Bobble. These games will get here, but it will take a little bit of time! I hope you guys are ready!

Forums by Viconia -10/23/2005

Hello everyone! I just wanted to direct our visitors to our forums. I currently have a poll up about a project I am considering. Please visit the forums and let us know your opinion.

Counter Strike: Source by Mephea -10/18/2005

Katalyna has blessed us with her newest map. This map marks the beginning of hopefully, her next project, which is Counter Strike: Source. Enjoy the map guys, it has the level along with a few tips and points of interest!

Cowboys and Indians! by Mephea -10/17/2005

Just posted our new maps of the NES classic, Gun Smoke. The maps feature a new style that probably won't become a norm. These are the first maps that I manually created borders for. I hope you guys enjoy these new maps because I had a great time making them!

Do the Mario! by Mephea -10/14/2005

We just uploaded Super Mario Land for the Gameboy today! This marks the beginning of our section for the little handheld and hopefully we will have more games for it in the future. I hope you enjoy the maps, and if you use them to play the game, well, I hope they help you!

Patch! by Moof -10/11/2005

Late again. Sorry, everyone, it's kinda hard to get a jump on the patches with Meph in the swamp and me a workin' man :(

Anywho! Here she is.Have fun :)

Wiki Search! by Moof -10/9/2005

The search box for our lil ol wiki now resides on the front page here as well as its normal spot. You can also add it to your own website if you want!

Kid Icarus VS Hurricane Rita by Mephea -10/9/2005

Just finished mapping Kid Icarus for you guys. I hope you remember this old classic, if not, you should go play it! It would have been finished sooner but Hurricane Rita came through and disabled my access to a computer for almost two weeks. I hope you guys like the new maps!

Adventures of Lolo by Mephea -9/19/2005

We have uploaded Adventures of Lolo guys, so go check it out! This is our very first puzzle game so far and hopefully in the future we will have more! So go check it out and tell us what you think on the forums!

Ninja Gaiden by Mephea -9/17/2005

We've taken Ninja Gaiden Trilogy from the SNES and chose it to represent our maps of the very first game of the series. After finishing the maps we decided to add something a little new, we took the cut scenes from the game and transformed them into comic strips! We do hop you guys enjoy the maps and the strips. The images can all be found in the SNES section!

World of Warcraft patch 1.7.0 by Mephea -9/13/2005

Sorry we're late with this patch guys! Here it is, hope we can help you all out!

World of Warcraft patch 1.7.0

Mega Man 6 by Mephea -9/11/2005

First to kick things off, happy birthday to one of my closest little lovecats, Liz, who turned a big bad 19. She helps out with the site from time to time so I figured she deserved a shout out!

Mega Man 6 is in and this marks the completion of the entire series on the NES. I feel proud and I hope you guys take the time to take a look at the work we put into it.

I know this is redundant but the last few days have been hectic for us. We finished a very important map for World of Warcraft, we wrapped up Mega Man 6 and we started a wiki for video game maps - and not just ours. Please enjoy our hard work!

Wikeh by Moof -9/11/2005

We also have a test project up here. Check it out and contribute if you like. If you like it, tell us! We don't know whether we're going to make it a major part of the site yet.

Stratholme by Mephea -9/11/2005

Just uploaded Stratholme, an end game instance for World of Warcraft. This marks what I hope to be a return to our WoW mapping project, so please take a look and visit the forums to voice your opinion. If you see some errors and you think they need correcting, please say so on the forums! The new map is done completely different, don't worry though, the maps will always be in full resolution, but the quests and things were done a bit differently. Hope you guys like it!

Banners! by Moof -9/1/2005

At the request of my personal slave driver - I mean, Mephea - I have made the headers randomize. Refresh the page. Be happy.

Kirby VS Katrina by Mephea -8/31/2005

It has been pretty busy the last few weeks for me. I have been working on Kirby's Adventure and tonight I finally finished it. It is uploaded and ready for you guys to poke and prod at. I take pride in this collection of maps, enough pride that I am dedicating the tremendous amount of time spent to those who lost their lives, pets or homes to the terrible hurricane Katrina.

Also, I ask that you guys donate to the American Red Cross to help the ones in need right now. Hundreds of thousands of people are without homes, food, water, clothes, electricity and a list of other things needed to make life actually liveable. It isn't a must do thing, but if you can, please do.

I am currently working on Earthbound for the SNES and it is coming along quite nicely. The maps are beautiful and I am currently not having too many troubles tossing in a kind of walkthrough for you guys. This game is a classic and the maps are huge. It took a few days just to do one map, so I should be busy with this game for a while. While I work on it, I will be working on an NES game so I will be able to make some kind of progress.

Last but not least, for you Warcrafters out there wanting to see more maps. I know for the last couple of months now I have said that I was done with World of Warcraft because the maps were becoming too difficult to map because I needed a group of patient people. Well, it looks like I may be going back to the game soon because I have been presented with an opportunity to map instances without the problems before. Don't hold your breath but please cross your fingers.

OK, this is all right here. I just want you guys to know I am appreciative of every single hit we get and I enjoy the progress of this awesome web page. If you guys want to talk about maps or maybe mention a game you would like to see mapped, please visit the forums and we will have a discussion! Also, please feel free to donate to us through our Paypal link. I will donate half of whatever we get for the month of September to the American Red Cross. Thanks guys, enjoy!

Dragon Warrior by Mephea -8/18/2005

Hey guys, Dragon Warrior is in the bag. This classic little game was fun to map and play once again. I hope you all go take a look at it and appreciate the work that Enix put into its simple yet pretty graphics. Give it a play and go to the forums and make your comments! Big thanks to Viconia for the world map by the way!

Breathe! by Mephea -8/12/2005

I'm still alive I swear! Sorry for the disappearance but life grabbed me and held me back. Returning to the current project as soon as possible so don't fret!

Macintorshes by Moof -7/12/2005

We've got WoW 1.6 Full Mac patch here. Why the full patch? Cuz we couldn't find 1.5.1 -> 1.6. Dang Mac users =p

1.6 - BWL by Moof -7/12/2005

It's here and it's the biggest patch yet. The summary notes alone are over 10 pages long. It's going to be fun and crazy and we're serving it up for usual. :)

Please note, guys, that the site maintenance does take us some $. If you could, please donate using the Paypal link in the lower left. (Yes, this is a shameless plug. No, we're not ashamed. <3.)

Metal Gear by Mephea -6/17/2005

Well guys, we have just uploaded Metal Gear, the classic NES game that pretty much started one of the most succesful franchises in gaming history. I hope you all can look at these maps and remember this game for what it was!

Also, you may notice there is a font file there. This was actual font pulled from the game. Some of you may have a bitmap font editor, this is what it is for. Enjoy!

New Donation System by Mephea -6/9/2005

As you guys may or may not have noticed, we have implemented a brand new donation system in the bottom left section of the page. If you find VGM an enjoyable and informative page, please, feel free to make a small donation. Every penny counts and puts us closer to being able to afford a faster server setup than we currently have.

Faster server speed? Why would we need such a thing? Some of you may have downloaded our recently hosted patch for World of Warcraft and the traffic shut down our SQL database servers. It didn't stay down for long, but the traffic also slowed down the page. If we can get a faster setup, we can host more large files and distribute them without worry, no matter how popular the file is.

We really appreciated the donations, and we will continue to update VGM just for you all. If you have anything to say or discuss, please visit our forums!

WoW 1.5 by Moof -6/7/2005

It's official: 1.5 is here and BGs are in amongst a TON of other changes. It's hosted by yours truly here. Have fun.

Bump N Jump is Ready! by Mephea -5/26/2005

Just finished and uploaded all 16 scenes from the classic game, Bump N Jump. some of you may remember this extremely difficult little game, and some of you may be wondering just exactly what this is.

This is one of the hardest games you can find on the NES generally because there is no huge strategy to it and you can't really make a walkthrough. We tried our best though! :)

Poll Comments by Moof -5/16/2005

Hey, guys and gals. If you've posted a comment using the poll, please email me (address is at the bottom, as always!) and tell me that you did so I can track them down. I'm not quite sure what's going on with them at the moment, but I will beat them into submission for your viewing pleasure as soon as possible.

Vidjos! by Moof -5/15/2005

Hey, everyone. I'm back after a week of internet hell and coding for our lil ol site. Check out the new link in the menu...videos! Classic ones (the WoW ones were already here). Right now we've got a couple old promos in there for your viewing pleasure. Check back soon - we've always got more on the way :)

Mega Man V by Mephea -5/10/2005

Well, Mega Man V is now up and ready for all to admire. It took quite a bit of hard work for this game so please, do go on the forums and comment on it!

Our next project in unannounced, but we are currently working on other projects so hopefully we will have a new batch of maps soon! :)

IGNVault and WoW 1.4 by Moof -4/19/2005

Howdy, everyone. Moof here. A couple things of note, both fairly major in regards to the development of our little site:

First, the guys over at IGNVault liked our World of Warcraft instance maps and wanted to host them. Ahh, the flattery! We agreed, of course, and you can see our maps on their site here. We're happy to be expanding our presence around the WoW and classic games community!

As for today's World of Warcraft patch on the US servers (1.4.0/1300), it's hosted on our site here.

If you guys (and gals) need anything else, just let us know over in the forums. Thanks for supporting VGM!

Zelda II Is Finished! by Mephea -4/16/2005

Zelda II the Adventures of Link has been completed and is now featured in our maps section. Please go give it a look and throw us an opinion on our forums! Hope some of you guys find a use for this extremely large collection of maps. =)

Oopsie by Moof -4/13/2005

Sorry, folks. If you pulled up the site in the last 32 minutes (2:17-2:50 PM EST) you got a personal project I'm working on instead of your beloved VGM. All back to normal, and you have my apologies. :)

New WoW Map, Razorfen Downs by Mephea -4/12/2005

We just posted our newest map, a map of Razorfen Downs! We hope you enjoy this map and find it useful. If you have a thought or an opinion or some advice about the new map, please visit our forum and lay a comment down for us. We appreciate the feedback!

New WoW Video! by Mephea -4/3/2005

We just posted the newest installment of Kodat's ongoing video series, "The Adventures of a Lowbie"! Go check it out in our videos section and hit our forums for a discussion about Kodat and his extremely nice videos.

Hope you find this newest video as entertaining as we did!

Review Poster and a New Review by Mephea -3/31/2005

So, Moof has finished our Review Poster thing, so now we can crank out reviews with ease. By cranking out I mean, every once in a while. We started our review empire off with a hefty review of World of Warcraft! Yeah, I know that isn't really a surprise, but I am definitely gonna give credit where credit is due.

We made the review system flexible to a point where it was separated in different sections, but each section could be named something different. It seems more interesting than having "Graphics, Music, Gameplay" as section headings. Also, we are doing something comepletely new to reviewing that I have seen, and that is letting someone that has little gaming experience write a mini-review of said games. Also, pay attention to random thoughts. Those are cool too. Hope you guys enjoy the new stuff!

Introducing: Wailing Caverns by Mephea -3/30/2005

We posted our newest World of Warcraft map last night. The Wailing Caverns is an amazing map, rather large and very beautiful, it is one of the neatest areas in the entire game.

Give it a look and tell us what you think on our forums, we appreciate any and all feedback!

Alphawhat? by Moof -3/28/2005

You'll notice that many of the listings around the site are now in alphabetical order. Yeah, I know. Duh, Moof. Sorry, guys and gals.

On the bright side, I'm back coding shiny things, and I should have some good stuff for Mephea to play with soon.

We're Still Alive! by Mephea -3/26/2005

I know it has been some time since a news update and I apologize. When you have nothing to announce though, well, I guess that's that.

The news is pretty good I suppose. Our host is doing extremely well right now and I really do hope it keeps up the good work. Moof should be installing our new reviews system over the weekend, if not, some time during the week.

On the mapping side of things, I am currently working two projects: World of Warcraft and Starcraft. I've been doing things differently with these two games by posting maps as I go, instead of finishing the entire game and then posting. Check out the Starcraft maps! I really do like them quite a bit.

Also, we began a new collective project of making the WoW maps printer friendly via .PDF files. We are definitely doing this for a small crowd of people who have asked for such. I don't want to leave too many people out of printing the maps easily.

What else? Well, I believe it is appropriate now, to post news on when a map or video is uploaded to the site to keep everyone aware of incoming traffic. This should keep the news in a semi-lively state.

To all you non-WoW players, we haven't sold you out. Once my personal life is more situated I will restart a couple of projects I killed a while back. Particularly Zelda II and Final Fantasy II. It will be a while before I can tend to these maps, but I will do them.

I hope everyone still enjoys the maps and finds the site useful. Working on it has been a real treat for all of us and we hope to saturate this place with so many maps that you guys would be busy forever! bahaha! Thanks to everyone who visits the site, it makes us feel good!

VGM Forums and Other Things by Mephea -3/3/2005

The forums are finally fixed and ready to go guys. Sorry it took so long! Please pay the forums a visit and post, post, post! Get some discussions going, post links, invite people to your guild via our World of Warcraft section.

Also looking at a new project for the site. We are soon going to open a store for you guys to browse through. At first we are going to start out with a few little things but we plan on building up some kind of inventory. We are so excited about this addition!

What to do.. by Katalyna -2/19/2005

Ok people, I need some feedback. I have been sort of MIA here and I need to find the one thing that is at the highest demand here at VGM right now. So please mail me and let me know what you want so that I can get back in the mix of the site. All I have done as of this past few weeks is get the kodat 'Adventures of a Newbie' connection made. Now I need something to do. I have pondered making videos to go along with the maps for the World of Warcraft section, but let me know what you want.

Something New by Mephea -2/19/2005

Hey guys! We just changed to a new host. Resiware will now be our host from now on because they offered a much better deal than the previous host. With the change to Resiware, we are now in the position to try a few things.

As you can see, we have put in a new videos section for World of Warcraft! That's right, we are now capable of hosting videos. So check them out and enjoy.

Have We Lost Focus? by Mephea -2/12/2005

It may seem that we have lost focus on our real goal for the site nowadays. That isn't the case at all! No, we have decided to bolster our content by having a section dedicated to a separate community, this community being the World of Warcraft community. They have a particular interest in maps and we have a particular interest in well, interest! So, please be patient, check out our WoW maps and check out the new lore section if you wanna know some of the stories of the game. As always, we appreciate everyone who visits!

Yeah! by Moof -2/12/2005

Alright, folks, as you can see we're back in action. In order to restart our mapping, we combined WoW with maps. Simple enough. It started as a side project, but now it's a mainstay of the site. The WoW section is on the main menu and will stay there. The Lore section is up and running. Enjoy.

It's Been A While by Mephea -1/28/2005

Hi guys, I know it has been quite some time since an update and we are working at changing this. We just added a World of Warcraft section for the widely popular, award winning MMORPG developed by Blizzard. We have put in a message board for our own guild, the "Noble Knights of Ni" and we also put a direct link to the maps that we have made for it.

Now, we will go back to the regular games we were working on, but we have definitely hit a bump now that we have been taken over by this extremely great game. You may have noticed that for two months in a row, the link of the month had something to do with WoW. Well, it is truly that great.

Thanks for being patient, we still have much work to do!

Restoration by Moof -11/22/2004

Alrighty then. The site is now in the state it was just prior to it being deleted, save the map counter. I'll get that in a second here. I leave for Thanksgiving, so further work on the contribution system is postponed until Sunday, November 28th. We're makin it :)

Ouchies by Moof -11/21/2004

VGM has suffered a major setback. Our old host, Resiware, decided to terminate their hosting services with a little less than 24 hours notice (it wasn't just VGM, they kicked everyone out). We didn't get the email until after our site had been deleted. VGM has been restored from an October 29th backup, and all work since then has been lost. The site will be restored to its November 15th state by Monday night, November 22. Please bear with us.

Counter by Moof -10/27/2004

Counter is up underneath the web badges on the lower left. I made the count retroactive. So. We're off and running :)

LOTMs by Moof -10/24/2004

The Links of the Month page has been added to the main menu. Click. View. Enjoy. :)

Some Things by Mephea -10/24/2004

Mega Man 4 is on the way, and we are slowly fixing our polling system, as well as our review pages. Also, look for the Link of the Month archives soon!

Metroid is In by Mephea -10/22/2004

Metroid is in, and yes it was rather hard work! Enjoy it and treasure it because this game is truly a classic. There is a but of content in this map so be sure to check it out and appreciate what Nintendo did with it way back in the beginning.

WOOOOO! by Moof -10/22/2004

Ahhh, the magic bullet whose absence was holding back the poll, the automated submission system, and Mephea's autmated posting tool is within my hands.

Alrighty then! Meph will be posting Metroid tomorrow afternoon. She has it ready now, but well...I missed my deadline. But you read that right. ALL of Metroid.
Yeah. We love you too.

Mega Man III by Mephea -10/18/2004

Just dropped in Mega Man III for the NES. This game was such a tremendous task, but I managed to finish it. Go look at it and enjoy! You will see that a few things were done differently, such as the lack of pointer lines. I am trying new things!

News news by Moof -10/18/2004

In the interest of sheer readability, only the first ten news posts are now displayed on the main page. All the rest are now accessible from the news archive link at the bottom of the page.

Badger by Moof -10/17/2004

The Web Badges underneath the main navigation menu on the left no longer look butt ugly. Also take note of the Spread Firefox badge, and do follow it. :)

Truckin by Moof -10/15/2004

Yep, more maps posted, more on the way, and more changes to the site. Meph has finished two games since the last major update, and I'm working on several scripts so that you guys (and gals!) can make your own contribution. Working, working, fun :)

I concur! by Moof -9/30/2004

Alright! We're back! :)
Look for more magical webpages soon!

Back In the Saddle Again by Mephea -9/30/2004

Back on track with mapping, gonna get those Castlevania 3 maps in as soon as I finish!

We Just Got Linked by Mephea -9/18/2004

We have been linked from! This rocks so much! Go pay a visit to the site, we will have an official link to the site once a few things happen.

I have hit this kind of snag, and well, I haven't been to busy mapping, I have been to busy playing all these new games and whatnot. Once I get back in the swing of things, and get my fill on video games, I will start back. Viconia on the other hand, seems to have pulled away from the project.

Be patient with us please.

Whoa! by Moof -9/6/2004

Heads up! Meph, Vic and I have hit a snag...they have cable and we like games ;)
The ladies are still map map mappin, and I'm going to get back in gear here ASAP. Those of you who are coming to our fledgling site and checking on our progress (there are two of you! Woo!) and those of you who are landing here via search engines (lots of you! Woo!), hang with us. We'll get back to it =)

Back and in action by Moof -9/2/2004

I got back on Sunday, and man, it's Thursday already! Our new link of the month is up and that's been automated now as well, so we shouldn't run into another situation where it comes up late.

Both the review posting system and the poll are running into problems with our server. I don't know how to fix them...yet. Patience, please, as I'm most certainly learning as I go. :)

Broadband by Mephea -8/31/2004

I just got connected to the net via cable modem and now I am livin the high life of broadband. It is very nice to have. The maps willbe slow for a bit, but Castlevania III has a deadline of 9/15 and that deadline will be met. I hope to have it earlier, but 9/15 is teh absolute latest.

Speaking Of by Mephea -8/26/2004

Once our humble webmaster returns, we will be posting a large collection of maps for Final Fantasy XI. This is actually out of our expected jobs of keeping it old school, but we felt that to keep a kind of interest, we should try to have some more current games represented as well. Look for the Final Fantasy XI maps in the early parts of September!

Project update by Viconia -8/25/2004

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that im still working on the Dragon Warrior maps. It is comming along slower than I had hoped because of work and a recent adiction I have aquired *cough*(final fantasy xi)*cough* but I still may make my end of the month deadline.

100+ Maps! by Mephea -8/21/2004

Hello everyone! We just went over the 100 maps marke with the submission of Super Mario Bros. Go check out all 32 stages of this classic game in the maps section and send us some feedback on it if you would like to. The maps for this game had a deadline of this 8/23/04, but we put it in today. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Mega Man 2 is Here! by Mephea -8/12/2004

Mega Man 2, one of the best games for the NES, has finally made it to our maps section! Enjoy viewing the maps for this wonderful litle classic and feel free to E-mail us with your comments and tips and whatnot!

On another note, Final Fantasy and Mega Man 2 were finished before their deadlines, My next project will be a puzzle game most likely, and another RPG. I am really banking on one particular RPG for the Sega Genesis called Shining Force.

Final Fantasy is Here! by Mephea -8/12/2004

We have finished up Final Fantasy! That's right, 100% of this classic game has been documented and played through to the end! The world map is there, along with every dungeon and city! Also, there are many tips in the maps that tell you what and whatnot to do.

We hope you enjoy using these maps, hell, they're even great to just look at because they're really gorgeous! Have fun!

The Legend of Zelda! by Mephea -8/11/2004

The Legend of Zelda is one of our bigger maps that I we have put much love into making accessible for all of you. We have mapped the world map completely, along with all nine dungeons. Also, each map is dotted with so many tips and secrets that the game is almost made easy! Well, I don't think you can make this game easy...

So anyhow, also note that there is an imagemap version of the world map, which allows you to view dungeons just by clicking them on the world map. We hope you enjoy this feature! Expect all games with world maps like Final Fantasy and other RPGs to have imagemap versions of the world maps.

Projects by Viconia -8/9/2004
Hey guys, I am currently working on Dragon Warrior I for the NES.
I will attempt to have it ready by 8/31/2004. No promises, though, as I'm very busy.

Some Things by Mephea -8/9/2004
It sure is nice now that the entire staff of Video Game Maps can now post news easily and effortlessly! The purpose of our site is to help you out with those games that involve finding things and those that require a particular path out of many!

I am just sitting here to share with you, that my new projects should be ready to go by the 15th of this month if nothing goes wrong! What projects are those? Well, how about this: Final Fantasy and Mega Man 2. Two classic games that everyone has probably played at one point in time.

Props to Moof for giving us the the newsposter! The future will be a very bright thing indeed for us!

Newsy news by Moof -8/9/2004
Under Mephea's slave driver tactics *cough* and thanks to my nimble fingers, the VGM news has a new format. Enjoy.

Phew! by Moof -8/6/2004
The reviews section code has been finished, and reviews are now available. There's only one right now, but don't you worry. We're busy on more (if you want to help, just drop us a line!)

MAPS! by Moof -8/5/2004
At long last! I've finished coding the darn map pages! VGM has...MAPS!

Speaking of sexy websites... by Moof -8/5/2004 is now officially W3C validated HTML 4.01 Strict/CSS 2.1 (see the web badges below the site map). It should look drop dead beautiful. If it doesn't, upgrade your browser, please. ;)

Forumites by Mephea -8/2/2004
The forums are live! Head there and tell us what you want to see!

Signs by Mephea -7/30/2004
See that cute sign in the upper right corner? Refresh the page. Enjoy.

Hosting by Mephea -7/27/2004
VGM has moved to a new host, We know we're not one of the big players yet, but we're still looking to serve you better!

Resolution by Moof -7/26/2004
The recommended window size resolution for our site has been upgraded from 800x600 to 1024x768. Please resize your browser windows.

Hang tight by Moof -7/26/2004
Many improvements are being made to the site as we prepare for our official launch. Stay tuned!

Fan Art by Moof -7/22/2004
The Fan Art section has been recoded and is now fully operational with approximately 35 pictures.

Fan Art by Mephea -7/17/2004
The Fan Art section has been created.

Site by Moof -7/day after something/2004
The base VGM site has been coded is starting to look like a website.

VGM by Mephea and Moof -7/something/2004
VGM is live! It's not much yet, but just you wait...

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